With modern vehicles depending more and more on technologies, technology calibration services can be a crucial part of your vehicle's collision repairs. Our collision team not only provides cosmetic and structural repairs, but our pre- and post-scan procedures provide comprehensive technology repairs for your vehicle to drive at its best.

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Why Get Technology Calibration?

Technology calibration can address crucial issues to your vehicle's technology features to return it to its pre-collision condition. A collision can affect everything from safety features to sensors, making our pre- and post-scan procedures integral to collision repairs. Our shops use OBD-II technology to scan systems and identify issues before starting repairs and after to ensure all features are working correctly.


Pre-scanning is one of the first and most important steps of our collision repair process. Our technicians can access your vehicle's OBD-II diagnostic technology to discover what issues may be present that cannot otherwise be detected. By noting any issues with driver assistance or sensors, our technicians clearly understand what needs repairing.


Post-scanning is one of our last steps to ensure we have solved all technical issues. Our team looks at the codes to double-check they have recalibrated the vehicle, and it's working as it should.

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Our technology calibration services go beyond cosmetic and mechanical repairs to provide comprehensive care for your vehicle. You can learn more about our technology calibration services and contact us today with any questions you may have.

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