Technology Pre-Scan and Post-Scan Procedures Make Sure Your Car's Technology Works Properly

Collision repairs can go far beyond fixing cosmetic blemishes. In fact, many vehicles that come to our shops need repairs to address damage to technology features and beyond. But sometimes it's hard to know exactly what needs attention when damage isn't visible to the naked eye.

That's why Suburban Collision Centers locations use pre-scan and post-scan procedures. All of our shops use OBD-II technology to scan systems and identify problems in the vehicle before repairs and verify that all features are functioning properly after repairs.


This procedure is one of the first things our technicians address when a vehicle comes into the shop. All modern cars feature OBD-II diagnostic technology that takes not of issues with safety features, sensors, and much more. Before repairs begin, our technicians hook up OBD-II readers to cars to read the codes and identify any issues that may have arisen from the collision. That way, they have a complete idea of what needs to be fixed in each vehicle.


Once the repair process is complete, our technicians hook up the scanner once again to take a look at the codes. This post-scanning process aims to make sure that all technology in the vehicle is functioning and recalibrated. It's a highly important part of collision repair, since newer cars are increasingly full of cutting-edge technology features.

Suburban Collision Centers Put in the Work to Repairs Cars the Right Way

These scanning procedures are part of a larger effort from Suburban Collision Centers to provide comprehensive auto body and collision repairs. We go beyond structural and cosmetic issues to make sure your vehicle as a whole is ready to hit the road again.

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