Alloy wheels are a popular choice among many drivers for their visual appeal, lightweight, and rust-resistance. However, repairing alloy wheels can be time-consuming and expensive when visiting most repair shops. Our collision centers provide competitive rates and professional service to repair your vehicle's alloy wheels and keep them looking and functioning correctly.

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Repairing Your Alloy Wheels

Whether hitting a pothole or driving into a curb, damaging alloy wheels can happen frequently. Luckily, our team is here to help you restore your wheels to their former glory. You can get started by receiving an estimate for the alloy wheel repairs. You can either bring in your vehicle for a free estimate for parts and labor or text us a picture of your wheels.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to repair your alloy wheels. By using various techniques, we can find the right one to repair the unique damage to your wheels. We can remove scuffing by using metal fillers for deep scratches and sanding to integrate the repairs with the existing metal. We apply a new coating to the wheels to protect them from corrosion. If you have diamond-cut alloy wheels, we have the proper equipment and lacquer to restore them to their previous condition.

The Top Reasons to Repair Alloy Wheels

  • Buying new alloy wheels is more expensive than repairing your existing wheels
  • Repairing your alloy wheels will ensure the lightweight performance and control they are known for
  • Refurbishing your alloy wheels improves safety and avoids safety issues from damaged wheels

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