Wheel Repairs at Suburban Collision Centers

Suburban Collision Centers are ready to fix your damaged wheels.

Michigan drivers are all too aware of the hassle that pot-hole filled roads can present. With frigid winters and hot summers, Michigan roads tend to develop cracks and holes that can damage car wheels of all kinds. Hit a large pot hole to fast or get in a fender bender and you may have yourself a bent wheel that's neither safe nor comfortable to drive on.

Luckily, Suburban Collision Centers are ready to help if you do end up with a damaged wheel. Our locations across Michigan are all equipped and staffed to take on wheel repairs throughout the state.

If you have a damaged wheel, simply bring your vehicle into the nearest Suburban Collision Centers location for an inspection. If necessary, we can send a tow service out to bring your car in. During the inspection, one of our auto body shop technicians will assess the damage and come up with an estimate.

After that, it's time to get to work. Our technicians use advanced technology and precise methods to correct bent wheels. At the end of the day we want to make sure that damaged wheels are back to proper functional and visual condition.

If you have questions about the wheel repair process, be sure to contact the nearest Suburban Collision Centers location. You'll find that our staff members are eager to make sure you're fully informed about the repairs process.

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