When your vehicle needs collision repairs, you want to make sure you are committing to a facility and process that works for you. Instead of finding out later that repair costs are too high or that the repair process is too long, you can find out the information you need for a convenient experience when you choose us. We provide the transparency and professionalism you need to enjoy a satisfying collision repair experience.

Learn more about our estimates and why so many drivers choose us.

How to Receive a Collision Repair Estimate

When you choose us, you can expect convenience and transparency from the first step with our free estimates. With no appointments needed, you can bring your vehicle to one of our collision centers, where we will provide an estimate free of cost. Your free estimate can help you plan how to budget for repairs and determine if there are any repairs you want to prioritize.

Our team of highly skilled technicians will go through as much damage in detail without disassembling your vehicle. We can account for the likely cost of billable hours and materials for the most accurate estimate possible. We can send the completed estimate to your insurance provider. We work with most major insurance providers so that you can count on a streamlined experience.

We can schedule needed repairs as soon as you're ready.

Text Us for an Estimate

An easy way to receive an estimate for repairs without driving to one of our locations is by texting us an image of your vehicle. Many drivers enjoy this service since it allows them to stay at home and consider their options while receiving an estimate. Simply snap a photo of the damages to your vehicle, and our collision team will respond with an estimate.

Texting for an estimate can also help you save time since we can prepare the necessary parts and materials needed for the repair before you arrive. Text us for an estimate today to discover a quicker, easier way to receive an estimate for collision repairs.

A Crash Course in Collision Repair

There's nothing worse than bringing your vehicle in for collision repairs only to discover a confusing process and long wait times. Our collision centers are upfront about our collision process to ensure there are no surprises. Whether you need help with major reconstruction or a dent, our team will let you know what to expect for complete transparency.

Our team takes the time to walk you through what to expect so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Consider our common repair process to know what to anticipate:

  • Your vehicle is towed or transported to one of our collision centers.
  • We provide an estimate and a diagnosis of the damage.
  • Our team can contact our insurance provider to file claims.
  • We begin the repair process.
  • Our technicians will computer paint match for any repainting services.
  • We provide a thorough inspection to ensure our repairs meet our high standards and manufacturer guidelines.
  • Our team cleans and preps the vehicle for the customer to pick up.
  • We follow up with a customer-satisfaction questionnaire to continually strive towards providing the best experience we can.

If our team finds additional issues after disassembling your vehicle, we will reach out to you before making any additional repairs that we did not anticipate. You can learn more about the collision-repair process and see why so many drivers choose us.

Schedule an Estimate

Whether you want an estimate from the comfort of your home or need to tow your vehicle to a collision center, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and learn more.

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