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After we receive your damaged vehicle images, we'll provide you an estimate. This way we can have the parts ready when you come for repairs.

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Text an Image for an Estimate at Suburban Collision Centers

After a collision, the last thing you want to do is bring your car around to various collision centers to find the best option. However, there's an easier way to shop around without having an in-person or phone call estimate. By simply texting images to our collision team, we can provide an estimate of repair costs and help you get started on the process before you even arrive.

Learn more about the convenience of getting a text estimate and why so many drivers trust our services.

Why Get a Text Image Estimate?

By providing this service, you can enjoy a more accurate estimate of your car than describing it over the phone. Our collision team can assess the damage in the image and begin to plan for what repairs and replacements will be needed. Our team can even start to buy needed parts ahead of your arrival to save you time and trips to our collision centers.

While calling for an estimate is always an option, texting is an excellent alternative. You can enjoy a more accurate assessment and spend less time spent at our collision centers.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Collision Centers

When you choose our collision centers, you will find a completely different experience than what you may expect from your average repair shop. We provide state-of-the-art facilities, certified technicians, and specialized equipment to keep your costs and wait time to a minimum. Whether it's a complicated repair or a minor ding or dent, our team provides the expertise and precision you need.

Some of the top reasons to visit our collision centers include:

  • 24-Hour towing
  • On-site Glass replacement
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Shuttle service
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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