Your vehicle's airbags are one of the most crucial safety features. Airbags drastically reduce the risk of fatalities for all passengers and are essential for enhanced safety inspections. If your airbags have been deployed or there is a recall for your airbags, you can trust our collisions centers to provide expert replacements and service to ensure you can drive with confidence.

Find out the top three reasons why you should choose us for airbag replacements and repairs.

1. Replacements Can be Dangerous

While you may find videos or guides on how to replace your airbags, replacing your airbags is not only challenging and time-consuming, but it can also be life-threatening. Airbags are designed to deploy at fast speeds to counteract the impact of collisions. An airbag deploying by accident closer to you than usual or when you are holding tools can cause serious injuries or death.

While the solution of disconnecting the car battery for up to an hour before replacing airbags minimizes accidental deployments, you have to also consider securing the airbags and their housing. If a panel isn't secured properly during an installation, an airbag can propel interior components at you and cause injury.

2. The Expertise of Collision Specialists

Our teams are certified by brands and ASE to follow best practices and ensure your airbags provide the right safety level. We can ensure your interior doesn't get damaged during installations and keep wait times to a minimum.

3. Specialized Equipment

We have the equipment to detect issues not only with your airbags but with the entire collision detection system. By scanning your vehicle, we can detect issues and save time in repairs and replacements. We can recalibrate sensors, clear history codes, and ensure all aspects that allow your airbags to deploy are working correctly.

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