Airbag Replacement in Michigan

Expert Airbag Replacements and Repairs at Suburban Collision Centers

Whether you have been in a major collision that has deployed your airbags or there is a recall for your vehicle's airbags, our team has the expertise and equipment to replace and repair your airbags. Your vehicle's airbags are crucial for your safety are known to reduce the risk of driver fatalities in front-end collisions by over 50 percent. With side impacts, passengers' risk is reduced by 40 percent.

Since your airbags can be the difference between life and death, you want to make sure you receive expert service, repairs, and replacements for every aspect of your airbags. At the Suburban Collision Centers, we have vast amounts of experience replacing airbags and repairs systems to return your vehicle to its pre-collision level of safety.

Find out why choosing us for airbag service is the right choice.

Replacing Airbags

It's not as easy as removing a deployed or recalled airbag and replacing it with another. Replacing an airbag takes precise knowledge of the vehicle and best practices in removing and installing new airbags. Most vehicles need to have the car battery disconnected for at least one hour before removing airbags. If electricity runs to an airbag's sensors, it can deploy during a replacement and be life-threatening.

Whether it's an airbag in the steering wheel, passenger dashboard, or the side curtain, our technicians will need to remove paneling to access the airbags carefully. Our certified technicians have experience in replacing airbags and have the equipment to ensure your paneling and interior don't get damaged in the process.

Removing and replacing an airbag requires disconnecting clips, safety guards, and wires. Since this process has many steps and components to keep track of, it's best to leave replacements like these to professionals. Even forgetting to reconnect a safety clip can be the difference between an airbag deploying safely and a panel harming you or a passenger.

With all types of cables, liners, and panels to consider in replacing airbags, our team has the knowledge and training to ensure your vehicle's interior and airbags are in like-new condition.

Resetting and Calibrating Systems

Modern vehicles not only come with a wide variety of airbags but there are sensors and crash-detection systems to consider as well. Even with an airbag replaced, there can still be notifications and alerts for the airbag in your vehicle's systems. Some airbag modules are more likely to lock from collision event data than others and will need recalibrating to resolve.

Our team has the specialized equipment to run diagnostics, reset safety devices, and discover more efficiency in repairing and replacing airbags. Our technicians can detect issues with deployment devices and previously stored latched codes by scanning the vehicle ahead of time. We can clear all history codes, calibrate vehicle sensors, and provide physical inspections when needed for hard faults.

Servicing and Repairing All Types of Brands

Our collision centers have teams of repair specialists certified by manufacturers and ASE to provide the precision and efficiency needed for airbag replacements and repairs. We provide high-quality airbag service for all types of models and follow factory standards to keep your vehicle running at its best. With our experience, you can expect us to keep costs and wait times low while providing a high degree of assurance.

Schedule Airbag Replacement and Service

If you're airbags have been deployed, or there is an active recall, our team is here to help. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and discover the peace of mind you need for replacing your airbags.

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