State of the Art Painting Equipment Helps Us Match Colors Exactly and Leave a Perfect Coat

Suburban Collision Centers are here for more than just body and glass repairs -- we can handle paint corrections as well!

There are all sorts of factors that play into paint damage on your vehicle. Winter ice, summer sun, and even accidental collisions can all cause flaws in your ride's meticulous paint job. Luckily, there's a way for Michigan drivers to restore their vehicles back to original colors.

Come work with Suburban Collision Centers to get some of the best paint repairs and corrections in the area. Along with our A-list technicians, we use cutting-edge equipment and technology to help ensure that your car comes back looking as good as new.

Color-Matching Computer Software: You won't have to worry about getting a paint color that's slightly off from the rest of your car. We have technology that analyzes the intricacies of paint colors and provides an exact match.

DeVilbiss Down Draft Painting Booths: These painting booths are the industry standard for automotive paint jobs, and our various locations make good use of them. This equipment helps us put an even, clean coat on every time.

If your car needs paint corrections, call your nearest Suburban Collision Centers location. You can schedule an estimate appointment where technicians will assess the damage. Then, we can proceed with color matching and applying the new paint. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this process!

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