Severe Accident Repair

Get Help with Severe Collision Repairs

Most professionals consider severe vehicle damage to be when the vehicle suffers structural damage that makes it unsafe to drive. While taking on the aftermath of a major collision can be stressful, our team is here to provide the expertise and convenience to return your vehicle to its pre-collision condition or better.

Frame Straightening

When it comes to severe structural damage, your vehicle's frame can be one of the most concerning aspects of collision repair. About 50 percent of all collisions result in some form of frame damage. You can think of your car's frame as its skeleton, an essential part of your vehicle that everything else relies on. Even if your major collision resulted in frame damage, our team can still help.

Our certified technicians utilize world-class Chief EZ Liner Express frame straightening tools to restore your frame to the right position. By using everything from laser measurements to sonic senders, we can determine the condition of your frame and diagnose the damage. After gathering the necessary information, we can provide an estimate and the time needed to straighten your car's frame.

Some indicators that point to frame damage include:

  • Strange noises
  • Visible bending or damage
  • Alignment issues

If your frame is broken, there may be circumstances where we can repair it with welding, but some issues are too significant to fix. If there is significant damage to your frame, our collision team can walk you through your options.

Front and Rear-End Collisions

Front and rear-end collisions are often the causes of the most severe damage to vehicles. While the cosmetic appearance of a vehicle can be shocking after a front or rear-end collision, internal damage can be one of the most significant factors. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of collision in the U.S., usually resulting from distracted driving.

Front-end collisions can cause severe damage since there are many vital components under your hood that absorb the damage. A front-end collision can damage your engine, steering, and transmission, leaving your vehicle unfit to drive. Even if your vehicle is in a rear-end collision, you can't count out the possibility of damage to your engine since engines have delicate systems that absorb the energy from collisions.

Severe damage from a front or rear-end collision can show up in various ways. You may find your engine light on after a collision, issues with your steering, or electrical problems. Our team can address the damages from front and rear-end collisions and restore your vehicle to its former condition. We offer everything from authentic parts to certified technicians to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive again.

Count on Us for Your Severe Collision Repairs

We provide a one-stop shop for all your severe collision repairs to help you save time and money. We help you get started without any pressure since you can get free estimates for repairs and even text pictures for more convenience. Our 24-hour towing services ensure you can get towing services to our collision center at any time of day.

If your vehicle needs extensive repairs and will need to stay in our shop for a long period, we offer shuttle services and rental cars to help you enjoy minimal interruption to your day. With everything from on-site glass replacement to state-of-the-art painting booths, you can count on the convenience and professionalism needed to address your severe collision repairs.

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