Suburban Collision Centers by OEM Certification

Suburban Collision Centers with OEM Certifications

The Suburban Collision Centers network of repair shops has locations with OEM certifications for specific brands.

Drivers throughout Michigan know that they can visit Suburban Collision Centers for quality, qualified assistance with cosmetic and structural vehicle repairs. Whether it's correcting paint blemishes or replacing glass, our shops know how to get the job done right.

While all of our locations offer top-notch repairs and service, there are a few that stand apart with specific OEM certifications. These shops have been verified by individual OEMs as fully trained and equipped for proper repairs across model lineups.

OEM certification has its benefits for a collision repair center. For starters, each technician has gone through extensive training for the given brand. OEM-certified repair shops also use OEM parts and materials whenever possible during repairs. It all comes together to create a high-quality experience for customers.

Suburban Collision of Troy

Suburban Collision of Troy proudly serves local drivers with a wide variety services and resources. This shop has the distinction of OEM certification for a wide range of automotive brands. From European luxury models to domestic trucks and beyond, you can trust Suburban Collision of Troy to take on repairs for a variety of vehicles with confidence and professionalism.

This Troy collision center is certified to provide collision repairs for Bentley models. These exotic luxury machines require high levels of precision with all kinds of service -- especially collision repairs.

Suburban Collision of Troy is also a MOPAR certified shop. That means you can bring your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle in for qualified repairs.

If you drive a Nissan or Infiniti in the area, Suburban Collision of Troy is your destination for cosmetic and structural repairs.

To top it off, Suburban Collision of Troy is also certified by Ford, Hyundai, and Volkswagen.

Suburban Collision of Farmington Hills

Suburban Collision of Farmington Hills is a trusted location for auto body repairs in the Farmington Hills area. This particular location is fortunate to have certifications from a wide range of manufacturers.

Notably, Suburban Collision of Farmington Hills is certified by several Volkswagen Group brands. If you drive a luxurious Audi or high-performing Porsche, this location is the place to visit for proper body and cosmetic repairs. You can also visit this shop to get certified repairs for your exotic Lamborghini.

This shop is MOPAR certified as well. Whether you drive a Jeep, Ram, Dodge, or Chrysler vehicle, Suburban Collision of Farmington Hills is ready to take on repairs with full certification.

Suburban Collision of Farmington Hills is certified by a variety of other OEMs as well.

  • Nissan
  • Infiniti
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Cadillac

Suburban Collision of Ferndale

If you're looking for a collision repair center that's dedicated to Ford repairs, then Suburban Collision of Ferndale is the place to be. Suburban Collision of Ferndale is certified by Ford itself for official collision repairs.

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