Lease Turn in Repairs at Suburban Collision Centers

Getting close the end of your lease? Suburban Collision Centers can help you get ready for turn-in day with a range of repairs.

Why Would a Leased Vehicle Need Repairs Before Turn In?

Each leased vehicle must go through an inspection process upon turn-in. This process aims to verify that the vehicle is in proper condition when it's returned. Unfortunately, blemishes like cracked windows and dented body panels can be noted for excess wear and tear fees.

That's why getting repairs before turn-in is smart. Spending a bit now on repairs can help you avoid more costly fees later during the inspection process.

Common Repairs Before Lease Turn In

Dent Repairs: Large dents in your car's bumpers, body panels, or other areas can result in major penalties when its time for the final inspection. Suburban Collision Centers throughout Michigan can get these issues corrected before its time for your lease turn-in inspection.

Glass Repair/Replacement: Chips and cracks in your windshield or windows may catch the eye of your inspector during your turn-in appointment. We recommend having this damaged repaired if possible. We can also replace windows on your vehicle if damage is too substantial for a simple repair.

Paint Correction: Door dings, fender benders, and other common collisions can take paint off of the body of your vehicle. Minor blemishes likely won't cause any problems in your final lease inspection, but major scuffs may cost you money. Our collision centers can correct paint damage with advanced color-matching technology that gets your paint back to showroom condition in no time.

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