Dent Repairs: What to Know

Suburban Collision Centers are ready to help you repair small dings and large dents alike.

Of all the damage that we encounter here at Suburban Collision Centers, dents and dings are among the most common. From parking lot door dings to neighborhood fender benders, cars encounter all kinds of situations that result in unsightly body dents. Fortunately, Suburban Collision Centers are here to lend a hand with these inconvenient blemishes.

All of the Suburban Collision Centers location are fully staffed and equipped to handle dent repairs. Our teams of auto body repair experts across Michigan have the training and experience to take on both traditional and paintless dent repairs. Whether your car has a small ding or more significant damage, you can feel confident knowing that Suburban Collision Centers technicians are qualified to handle the repairs.

Paintless Dent Removal: If your car has a minor dent, it's unlikely that the collision took off paint as well. If no paint corrections are needed, you can expect the repairs to be complete in just a couple of hours. Our technicians have special techniques for removing small dents without the need for additional paint repairs.

Traditional Dent Removal: This process takes a bit longer, since paint repairs are often required. Once our technicians have reshaped the dent back to its original form, they'll sand down the chipped paint area and apply a new layer. Suburban Collision Centers locations use advanced paint matching technology, so you can rest easy knowing that we'll use the right color for your vehicle.

If your car has a dent that needs to be repaired, contact your nearest Suburban Collision Centers location. We'll be ready to provide a free estimate and help you get your car back to pristine condition.

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