At the Suburban Collision Centers, you can count on us to provide a one-stop shop for all your collision repair needs. If your vehicle's aluminum paneling needs repairs, we have the experience and equipment to return it to its pre-collision condition. With many manufacturers using exclusively aluminum parts, our team can repair everything from hoods to deck lids.

Learn more about how our team can help with aluminum auto repairs.

Our Aluminum Repairs

You could be dealing with a dent in your door or a damaged hood, and our team can provide quick, professional repairs. We handle aluminum collision repairs much differently than steel since aluminum is more pliable. We have the specialized tools necessary to reshape aluminum damage, and our team has OEM and ASE training to ensure best practices and meet manufacturer guidelines.

Aluminum repairs require a high degree of knowledge and the right tools, and our team has both. We cannot weld aluminum parts and components in the same way we can for steel, making for more complicated repairs that may include everything from rivets and special adhesives.

The Benefits of Aluminum Components and Parts

Brands like Audi, Jaguar, and Land Rover offer almost exclusively aluminum parts for their benefits. Aluminum construction provides a lightweight, impact-resistant design for both safety and efficiency. Even though aluminum repairs can be complicated, the lightweight construction lets you save gas money without compromising safety.

Count on Us for Comprehensive Repair Services

We provide a convenient repair process from start to finish with our impressive services. Some of the benefits of working with our collision centers include:

  • On-Site Glass Replacement
  • Insurance Company Connections
  • 24-hour Towing
  • Free Estimates
  • DeVilbiss Dow Draft Paint Booths

You can learn more about our repair process to find out why so many drivers choose us for aluminum repairs today.

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