At Suburban Collision Centers, we are known for providing on-site glass repairs and replacements, saving you the trouble of sending your vehicle to a secondary location for specialized services. Whether it's repairing a minor crack or an entire windshield, our team can quickly and professionally restore your vehicle. We provide convenience services at every step to help you save time and enjoy transparency.

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Repairing Minor Damage

Many drivers discover small chips or cracks in their windshields and try to ignore the problem. However, putting off glass repairs can be more expensive and dangerous in the long run. Chips and cracks can spider out, making the glass more likely to shatter. If the crack or ship is less than 6 inches and caused relatively little damage, it's possible for our team to fill it without requiring a replacement.

Replacing Glass

Some damage to glass is too large or complex to repair. Some of the indicators that you will need to replace the windshield include:

  • Deep or contaminated glass chips
  • Cracks that extend into the driver's line of sight
  • Complex cracks

Instead of sending your vehicle to another facility for a replacement, our team has the experience and equipment necessary to complete the job on-site, saving you time and making us the sole contact. We can cater our glass replacements to match your exact model, ensuring a like-new appearance and the structural integrity needed for safety.

Learn More About Our Glass Services

Repairing or replacing your vehicle's damaged windshield is necessary for passing state inspections and may lead to a ticket if not addressed. Learn more about our on-site glass replacements and repairs and contact us today to discover why you should choose us.

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