When you come to Suburban Cadillac Collision of Plymouth, you can count on cutting-edge equipment, certified technicians, and outstanding convenience services. We help customers keep their costs and wait times to a minimum while providing a high degree of assurance and precision. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to take on everything from complete restorations to minor repairs.

Find out why so many drivers choose Suburban Cadillac Collision of Plymouth.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Part of the reason why we offer such a high level of precision and shortened wait times is thanks to our modern facility and world-class equipment. If your vehicle needs repainting, you can expect an even coat, perfectly matched colors, and seamless blending to the existing paint. We have DeVilbiss downdraft paint booths and computer match color tools to keep your vehicle looking its best.

If your vehicle is experiencing issues with its frame, we can help correct any problems you have with our EZ Liner Express frame straightening tools. Our frame straightening tools can correct dents and maximize your frame's longevity.

When you go to your average repair shop for glass replacement, you can expect long wait times since most facilities don't have on-site glass replacement equipment. With the body shop transporting your vehicle to another facility, glass replacements will take longer, and you will have to deal with another point of contact if there is an issue.

Our collision center offers on-site glass replacements to help you save time and enjoy more convenience and assurance. As your only point of contact, you won't have to deal with a third party if there are any issues or if you have additional questions.

Trust Our Certified Technicians

When you choose our collision center, you will discover a higher degree of expertise and professionalism than you will find at your average repair shop. Our technicians know your vehicle inside and out to provide a high degree of quality and save you time. With OEM and ASE certification, our technicians meet the high expectations of brands and the auto industry.

With OEM training, you can expect our technicians to follow the strict guidelines and best practices for your vehicle. While our team specializes in Cadillac models, they also have training in a wide variety of other popular brands. We offer parts, installations, and repairs catered to your car by staying up to date with brands' best practices.

If that wasn't enough, our technicians also have ASE certification for additional assurance. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has a rigorous certification process that includes two years of on-the-job training, passing a comprehensive exam, and re-testing knowledge every five years. With this strong foundation, our technicians are up to date with all the best practices of the industry.

Enjoy More Convenience and Peace of Mind

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a collision can be stressful and time-consuming. However, our team is here to help you save time and navigate your post-collision needs. We offer free estimates, and you can get started by texting images of your vehicle to our team. Our 24-towing services can conveniently bring your vehicle to our location if you need immediate assistance after a collision.

We help cut through the red tape and avoid paperwork since our team works with most insurance companies. While your vehicle is receiving repairs, we offer various transportation services to meet your needs, including rental cars, shuttle services, and pick-up and delivery services.

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