Front-end collisions can be some of the most severe damage to your car. While it can sometimes be as minor as a dented hood or a broken headlight, it can also result in serious damage to internal components and expensive parts under the hood. When it’s time to address the damage from a front-end collision, you don’t want just anyone providing the repairs. Our collision centers provide the expertise and affordability you need.

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Addressing Cosmetic Damage

After a front-end collision, the cosmetic damage to your vehicle can be one of the most obvious results. There could be damage to the front bumper, fascia, hood, or lighting system that will affect not only the appearance of your vehicle but its safety. While cosmetic damage usually doesn’t affect your driving experience, a hood that comes loose or lights that don’t work can create unsafe driving conditions.

When you bring your vehicle to our collision centers, we can assess the damage to ensure your vehicle returns to its previous appearance. We use specialized equipment and follow industry guidelines to ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs. Our advanced computers can measure and paint-match your vehicle. We utilize DeVilbiss down draft paint booths to ensure even paint coats for indistinguishable results from existing paint.

Unseen Damage

It’s common to have a front-end collision and only have some minor cosmetic issues. However, after some time, you may find your vehicle performing oddly. The damage of a front-end collision can transfer to internal components, causing unseen damage to your vehicle. Internal damage can be more serious and expensive, making it crucial to find a collision center that is up to the task and meets your needs.

Some of the areas that front-end collisions can affect include:

  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Electrical Equipment

It’s possible that a front-end collision can damage your vehicle’s frame, creating issues with your suspension and performance. Luckily, our collision centers include world-class frame-straightening tools like the Chief EZ Liner Express. We can use advanced computers and equipment to return your frame to its proper alignment.

If internal components were damaged from your collision, you can count on us to find the right parts and provide expert installations. You can save time and effort by getting a free estimate from us. You can even get an estimate by texting pictures of your vehicle’s damage to us. We can provide an estimate for the billable hours and parts costs. By getting an estimate early on, we can prepare and order the necessary parts to save you time.

Convenience from Start to Finish

Our collision centers provide the convenience, affordability, and assurance you need for all your front-end collision needs. If you have experienced a serious front-end collision, we can help you tow your vehicle to one of our centers at any time with our 24-hour towing services. We provide transportation options like shuttle service, rental cars, and pick-up and delivery service to ensure you experience minimal interruption to your day.

Our team has experience working with major insurance companies and helping customers cut through the red tape. If you’re windshield or windows were damaged in a front-end collision, you won’t have to wait for transportation to another facility since we offer on-site glass repairs. With everything from lifetime warranties for parts and service to certified technicians, you can count on a better way to repair your vehicle after a front-end collision.

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