When dealing with the aftermath of a collision, your vehicle's paint job can make all the difference in returning your vehicle to its original appearance. Our collision centers offer expert paint services to ensure your new paint seamlessly matches your existing paint. You can count on us to provide convenience and professionalism at every step of repainting your vehicle.

Find out why so many drivers choose us for paint services.

Computer-Matched Paint

The last thing you want when painting your vehicle is having the new paint noticeably different from the rest, drawing attention to the repaired area. When choosing our collision centers, you can count on a high degree of accuracy in matching new paint to your existing paint. Our team uses computer matching to find the exact paint color to match your vehicle.

How it works is we first find the right paint code for your vehicle. However, we don't stop there. Our specialists can determine the right variant color since there can be multiple variations and shades across different paint suppliers. With our specialized equipment and industry knowledge, we can match the test card to your old paint for an indistinguishable transition in paint.

DeVilbiss Paint Booths

You may have tried to paint a scratch in the past and realized it ends up drawing even more attention to the area. Inexperienced technicians and owners often have issues with uneven application, trap particles or dirt in the paint, and create unsafe breathing conditions. You can count on even coats, short wait times, and convenience when you choose us.

Not only can you expect our paint booths to provide an exceptional appearance, but the expertise of our paint services provides a higher degree of reliability and longevity than what you can expect from less experienced mechanics.

Why Repaint Your Car?

You may want to repaint your car due to a minor scratch, rust, or after-collision repairs for a major collision. Many drivers choose to repaint their cars to keep the exterior looking great and add value. Keeping your vehicle's paint in excellent condition can add residual and resale value. Repainting can be a preventative measure to avoid more deterioration from rust, which can cause more damage to your vehicle in the long term.

If you're planning on selling your car, the exterior appearance and condition can make all the difference in your vehicle's trade-in value or selling price. Having a vehicle free of scratches, rust, and damage will show potential buyers you have cared for your vehicle. The only time you may want to consider if repainting your vehicle is worth it is if your vehicle is older than ten years old since you will have to balance the cost of repainting versus the vehicle's trade-in value.

We don't recommend painting over damage without addressing underlying issues. Painting over damage will not resolve more significant issues and may only draw attention to the area.

Choose One of Our Collision Centers

When you visit one of our collision centers, you can enjoy a one-stop-shop for all your collision repair needs. We go above and beyond to meet your needs by offering everything from a limited lifetime warranty on repairs to 24-hour towing. You can learn more about our paint services to see why our collision centers are top choices. Contact us today for more information.

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