Our collision center offers frame straightening to address issues after a collision. Frame straightening isn't just for extreme collisions. It's more common than you may think since your car may require frame straightening even after minor collisions. Even if there isn't apparent damage to your vehicle, there can still be an issue with your frame that needs correcting, and that's where our team comes in.

Learn more about the importance of frame straightening and how our team can help.

What is Frame Straightening?

Frame straightening is a method of correcting your vehicle's frame by technicians using specialized machinery and hydraulics to target certain areas and restore your frame to the correct position. Your vehicle's frame, also known as the chassis, is the main supporting structure that all other components are attached. As your car's skeleton, it's crucial that the frame works correctly and in the right position.

Our team uses world-class Chief EZ Liner Express frame straightening tools to restore your car's frame quickly and accurately to the right alignment. A frame straightening machine has a large platform and two or three upright towers or posts that rotate around the perimeter. The positioning of the posts allows technicians to correct the frame from any angle. With computerized lasers and sonic senders, it's possible to determine the condition and diagnose damage.

With the information we gather from the diagnosis, we can provide accurate estimates and determine the amount of time needed. We work with drivers to determine estimates and the time needed so that they can plan accordingly.

When we straighten a vehicle's frame, we drive it onto the platform and bolt it to rigid clamps to ensure it stays in place even under extreme pressure. We attach chains to specific points, reflecting the results of the diagnosis. Our technicians will cross-reference the manufacturer's specifications to address the right degree of damage.

After we have confirmed that everything is in place, the straightening machine's towers gradually increase tension on the chains until the section of the frame is pulled back into place. The machine's electronic measurement system can confirm when the frame is restored to the manufacturer's specifications.

Does Your Vehicle Need Frame Straightening?

If you're vehicle has been in a collision, you will likely need frame straightening. About 50 percent of all auto accidents cause frame damage. Even if it's only a fender bender with no visible damage, there still may be damage to the frame, which is all the more reason to exchange information with another drive and follow all the best practices.

Some of the red flags that may indicate your vehicle needs frame straightening include:

  • Alignment Issues: Alignments issues can be apparent when the vehicle is pulling in one direction or the steering wheel is off-center when driving straight. You should consider frame damage and wheel alignment as a possibility.
  • Visible Bending or Damage: You may see rust, cracks, or creases on the exterior of your vehicle, which can indicate an issue with the frame. You may be able to see bent or missing components by looking for signs of damage under the vehicle.
  • Strange Noises: Sometimes creaking, squeaking, or other strange noises can indicate that there's an issue with the frame. Keep an ear out for any noises coming from the front, sides, or rear of the vehicle, especially after an accident.

Schedule Frame Straightening with Us

When you choose our collision center, you can expect the expertise and equipment necessary to return your vehicle to its former glory. Contact our team today to learn more about frame straightening.

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