Broken headlights are not only a safety issue, but they also make your vehicle an easy target for receiving a ticket. While some headlight replacements and repairs may not seem challenging at the surface level, there are often subtle intricacies that are better left to professionals. At Suburban Collision Centers, we have the experience and equipment needed to offer precise, affordable, and speedy headlight repair and replacements.

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Headlight Bulb Replacements

Swapping out a dead headlight bulb for a new one isn't always as easy as it seems. First, you need to access the bulb in the housing, remove it, and replace it with the right type of bulb. This sometimes requires removing the housing, disconnect wires, and searching for the right replacement. Our team has plenty of experience replacing bulbs for all types of vehicles, and we carry many factory-recommended bulbs so that you can count on a quick, professional replacement.

While it may be possible for some DIYers to replace a headlight bulb at home, you can save yourself time and energy choosing us. Many drivers prefer the assurance of choosing us rather than risking causing more issues.

Headlight Repair

If there is damage to your headlight after a collision, there could be multiple issues to consider. Our team can address the housing, bulb, and wiring to ensure everything is working properly. If you need to replace the housing, some models require involved replacement processes, which our team has the experience and equipment to address.

Our team can also address any damage to your vehicle's fascia to touch-up cosmetic issues from a collision.

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