There are few things worse than discovering a chip or that one of our car's windows is broken. Not only is it unseemly to have a crack in your windshield, but if the crack is large enough, it could no longer be legal or safe to drive. Whether it's a chip out of your windshield or your need a total replacement, our expert collision centers can help.

Learn more about the importance of glass repairs and replacements and how our team can help.

When to Repair a Windshield

Perhaps you're following a truck, and a stray pebble chips your window, or maybe you step into your car one day to find a crack in your windshield you don't remember. While most small cracks and chips in your windshield may seem easy to ignore, ignoring them will only lead to more issues and more expensive repercussions.

Even though small amounts of damage may not obstruct your vision, it can become a safety concern if left unattended. Damage to your window can grow and become more dangerous. If the damage isn't serious enough and it's caught early, you can avoid a more costly replacement by allowing our professional glass repair specialists to repair the area.

We can fill small cracks and strengthen the area so that you don't have to worry about the crack spidering out.

Do I Need a Windshield Replacement?

If you have a large chip or crack in your windshield, or if the damage contains ground-in debris, a replacement is the only option for you. We recommend contacting your insurance company as soon as you notice damage to your windshield. After that, our collision repair team can work with your provider to streamline the insurance claim process and get to work.

Some of the signs that damage to your windshield is severe enough for a replacement include:

  • Deep or contaminated glass chips
  • Complex cracks
  • Cracks that exceed 6 inches
  • Cracks that extend into the driver’s line of sight

On-Site Glass Replacement

Regardless of which of our eight collision centers you go to, we offer on-site glass replacement at all of them. This means you won't have to waste precious time waiting for a repair shop to send your vehicle elsewhere for special attention. Our team uses specialized equipment and extensive experience to find the perfect replacement for your vehicle.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Suburban Collision Centers are proud to stand behind their work. All our repairs are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. That means if you experience an issue caused by our repairs or replacements, we will make it right.

Trust in Us

When you come to one of our collision centers, you will discover a higher level of precision and expertise. Our technicians are certified by various manufacturers and ASE to provide the highest possible work. With our team's experience and expertise, you can count on repairs being done right the first time with speed, precision, and affordability.

Rental Cars, Shuttle Service, and More

When you drop off your car with us for glass repair or replacement, we offer transportation options to help minimize disruption to your day. We provide shuttle service to help you get back home or to your workplace. You can even enjoy the comfort of your home, and our pick-up and delivery service will take care of repairing and transporting your car.

If repairs or replacements are going to take some extra time, we even offer replacement cars so that you can continue driving where you need to go without interruption.

Schedule Glass Service

Learn more about glass repair and replacement and contact one of our collision centers to schedule an appointment today!

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