Suburban Collision Centers offer a wide variety of helpful services and resources to local customers. From shuttle rides to on-site glass replacement, we've put together services that make taking care of collision repairs easier than ever for southeast Michigan drivers. There's one service that often stands out as our most convenient, however: 24-hour towing.

This service is available specifically for the convenience of local drivers, since it's impossible to predict when exactly you'll need a tow. Vehicle damage could occur any time, and you'll need a way to get your car to a body shop quickly and safely. That's where Suburban Collision Centers come in.

We have a network of body shops across the region, each one offering 24-hour towing services. That means you'll always be in reasonable distance to one of our locations. If your car sustains damage and needs a tow, just contact the nearest Suburban Collision Center. They can send out a tow truck and get your vehicle back to the shop in no time!

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