Accidents happen -- they're as much a part of the road as asphalt and lane lines. Fortunately, there are ways to repair much of the damage that your vehicle sustains. While some repairs are fairly simple, others can be a bit more challenging.

The Challenges of Frame Straightening

For many vehicles, one of the most challenging post-collision repairs is frame straightening. Cars and trucks can get twists or bends in their structural frames as a result of a collision. This damage can compromise everything from ride comfort to general safety.

The process of correcting this kind of damage can be more challenging than surface-level damage, since it relates to the structural soundness of a vehicle. The good news is that the industry has developed equipment and technology that can help straighten out vehicle frames and get cars back on the road.

The Solution: Chief EZ Liner Express Equipment

Suburban Collision Centers in Michigan address the challenges of frame straightening by using high-end equipment that's engineered to handle the task with ease. The Chief EZ Liner Express frame straightening is both high-tech and high-strength, helping technicians across the state to correct post-collision frame damage.

Consult with Suburban Collision Centers

If you have had a recent collision, reach out to one of our locations. We can assess the damage and see if your car needs to have its frame straightened. If the repairs are necessary, we can get them done promptly so you can get your car back as soon as possible.

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