Need to have a body panel replaced on your vehicle? Suburban Collision Centers can help.

Even the most careful drivers sometimes find themselves with damaged vehicles. Sometimes getting the damage fixed means having a whole new body panel installed.

Body panel replacement happens when a dent or other damage is severe enough that the original panel is no longer usable. Fortunately, most manufacturers produce replacement body panels that can be seamlessly installed to help cars of all kinds get back to stock appearance.

Suburban Collision Centers are ready to help whenever your car needs to have a body panel replaced.

OEM Panel Components: Our teams use authentic OEM components whenever possible. OEM panels are built to factory specifications by the brand itself for superior fit, appearance, and durability. Choosing OEM parts for body panel replacement is part of our effort to provide the highest quality services possible with results that last.

Professional Installation: Bring your vehicle in for a body panel installation and you'll hand it off to certified collision repairs specialists. Our technicians have the training and experience needed to properly install body panels for a wide range of makes and models.

Cutting-Edge Techniques: Our expert staff members are assisted by advanced equipment and technology. We understand the importance of proper procedures for varying brands and vehicle types. Plus, we can make sure the new panel is the correct color with help from sophisticated color-matching technology.

Multiple Locations: If your vehicle needs a new body panel to be installed, you'll be able to take it to any of our multiple Michigan locations. From Farmington Hills to Ann Arbor, Suburban Collision Centers are found throughout the state. You can choose one that's close to you for body panel replacement.

Contact any of our locations for information about body panel replacement or to schedule your free estimate.

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