Spring is arriving here in Michigan, and that means severe weather is on its way. As we edge closer to springtime thunderstorms, many drivers are starting to think about potential hail damage. Hailstorms aren't uncommon in this state, after all, and the potential for vehicle damage during these storms is something to consider for any driver.

If you do end up dealing with hail damage this spring, you can turn to your local Suburban Collision Centers location for help addressing the repairs. We can handle all sorts of damage associated with hailstorms, and our team of body shop experts will use precise procedures to make sure your car gets back to its former condition.

The most common type of damage that we see from hailstorms is body panel dents and dings. Whether it's on the roof, the hood, or the trunk lid, these unsightly dents can be a unpleasant to see. Fortunately, we have paintless dent repair procedures that can take care of the damage effectively.

Paint damage can occur as well, though. And when it does, our team is here to help. We use sophisticated paint-matching technology that makes sure we use an exact color match to complete the repairs.

Glass is particularly susceptible to hail damage, too. From your windshield to your headlamps, there are many glass points on your car that may get cracked or broken during severe hail. Our glass replacement services can help you get back in action in no time.

The first step toward any of these repairs is an appointment for a free estimate. Our technicians will take a close look at the damage and tally up the estimated cost to get it all repaired. Contact the closest Suburban Collision Centers location to schedule your free estimate.

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