If your car has sustained damage to suspension components, the teams at Suburban Collision Centers can help.

When car owners think of auto body repairs, what comes to mind is often extensive dent repairs, glass replacement, or body straightening. These services are certainly common at any collision repair shop, but there are others that require attention as well.

In particular, suspension components tend to need repairs and replacement after a collision. These parts work together to provide a smooth ride quality and direct handling in your vehicle. From shock absorbers to strut assemblies and control arms, suspension components are as vulnerable as any to damage in a collision.

Neglecting to have suspension damage repaired can be detrimental to your experience. Your car's suspension plays an important role in comfort and safety alike, giving the vehicle the stability needed to round corners and go over road imperfections with confidence. Damaged suspension components can lead to unpredictable handling dynamics that, at worst, can cause accidents.

Suburban Collision Centers are aware of the potential for damaged suspension components, and we prepare our staff and facilities accordingly. Our technicians are fully qualified to provide suspension repairs, whether it's installing new struts or correcting alignment.

If your car has sustained suspension damage, bring it over to the nearest Suburban Collision Centers Location. A team member will take the time to identify the problem and offer a free repair estimate. After that, you can schedule your appointment to complete the repairs.

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