Modern cars are getting more and more advanced when it comes to technology. From infotainment to active safety, manufacturers are putting time and money into developing technology that can help drivers. But that can also present some challenges when it's time for repairs.

Body shops now contend with a wide variety of integrated technology features in addition to typical vehicle attributes. To make sure these technologies are taken care of properly, our Suburban Collision Centers locations use pre-scan and post-scan procedures.

For pre-scanning, our technicians will hook up an OBD-II code reader to your car and check for any error codes. Modern vehicles are designed with OBD-II diagnostic systems for just these scenarios. The pre-scan can identify any problems that need to be addressed.

Once the repairs process is complete, we'll hook up the OBD-II reader again. This allows us to make sure all of your car's technology features are in proper working condition before we hand you the keys. It's a quality assurance measure that helps us maintain our high standards.

Suburban Collision Centers has a variety of other ways that we ensure quality as well. For starters, all of our technicians are fully ASE certified, so you can feel confident that true collision repair professionals are taking care of your car. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. If you find a flaw in the workmanship, bring it back and we'll fix it at no charge.

You can take advantage of our quality services at any of our many Michigan locations. Contact the closest one to you to set up an appointment.

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