Your car has been stolen, and you've finally recovered it. But car thieves aren't known for being gentle, and your vehicle sustained some damage during its run-in with crime. You've already dealt with a lot of stress in your experience, and the last thing you want is a stressful experience getting your vehicle repaired.

Now what?

If your car has sustained damage from a theft, you can take it to any of our Suburban Collision Centers locations for a low-stress repairs process. We understand that car thievery can be an exceptionally stressful experience for owners, and we emphasize convenience and care in our repair services accordingly.

Our staff technicians are adept at correcting all sorts of damage that can occur as a result of auto theft. These vehicles often come into the shop with broken windows, damaged body panels, busted technology, scuffed paint, and more. Our collision repair experts can handle all of these repairs with ease. Their in-depth training and experience carry them through a variety of services with confidence and professionalism.

Before we get started with the repairs, our crew will perform an inspection and provide an estimate for the cost of repairs. It's a quick process that we provide free of charge so that you can know exactly what your vehicle needs before jumping into a financial investment.

If you need help getting your car back in proper condition after a theft, we encourage you to contact the closest Suburban Collision Centers location. You'll work with staff who are committed to helping you have a convenient experience from start to finish.

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