As the brand's birthplace, it's no wonder Michigan is full of Ford vehicles. That also means that thousands of Ford cars and trucks must endure the yearly deluge of Michigan winter weather. Here are three types of damage among Ford models and other vehicles we see during the winter months.

Fender Benders: With snow and ice come slick roads -- it's an inevitable part of the winter season. With slicker roads comes the potential for vehicle collisions. They may as well call it fender-bender season. If your car has a post-collision dent this winter, take it to one of our collision service centers. We have plenty of experience popping out dents and getting cars back to their former selves.

Rust and Corrosion: The combination of continuous moisture on the ground and common street treatment can wreak havoc on metal auto parts. After multiple winters, your car may have important parts with heavy rust damage. Our crew members can weld or replace components to make sure your car is safe.

Paint Damage: Wind, ice, and corrosive road treatments can do a number on your car's handsome paint job. At the end of the season, you may need to touch up a few spots. That's where we come in. Our advanced color-matching technology can make sure we get a paint blend that matches your vehicle perfect. Afterward, you'll hardly know it needed the touchups in the first place.

If your Ford needs some repairs during winter, head over to your Suburban Ford body shop for some help.

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