Trust Suburban for Certified Cadillac Collision Repairs

Your prized Cadillac has sustained damage on the road, and it's time to find a shop for repairs. Don't settle for a standard neighborhood body shop -- take your vehicle to a certified OEM Cadillac auto body repair shop.

So, what exactly does it mean to be an OEM certified collision center?

The primary benefit of working with an OEM certified collision center is expertly trained staff members. Each technician who works at one of our Cadillac collision centers has been trained specifically for Cadillac vehicle repairs. They work with specialized equipment and original equipment manufactured parts to ensure a higher quality of care.

Cadillac drivers can find post-collision support throughout Michigan with our two locations. Suburban Collision Cadillac of Lansing serves drivers around the state capital and throughout central Michigan. Suburban Collision Cadillac of Plymouth serves drivers around the Detroit area.

Whether you prefer to visit our location in Lansing or Plymouth, you can plan an appointment quickly and easily. Feel free to send an email to either location. All you need is your contact information and what kind of services you need. You can also call either location to plan an appointment over the phone. For Suburban Cadillac Collision of Lansing, call (866) 298-2660. For Suburban Cadillac Collision of Plymouth, call (866) 360-6510. Call either location during business hours and they'll make sure you get a convenient appointment.

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