What Does It Mean to be a Certified Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Auto Body Shop?

Not all auto body repair shops are the same. If you drive a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram model, you'll want to take your vehicle to a certified MOPAR repair center after a collision. A few factors help these body shops provide a higher quality of care than other options.

OEM Parts: Bring your car to a certified body shop and you can count on repair technicians to use original equipment manufactured parts. These components have the exact specs as the ones originally installed on your vehicle. They're held to a higher standard than most aftermarket parts and tend to last longer.

Specialized Equipment: It’s not just about having the right parts for the needed repairs, it's about having the tools to get it done as well. A certified MOPAR auto body shop has special tools to help get cars back to their former glory, whether it's paint-matching software or frame-straightening equipment.

Trained Staff: Neither proper parts nor special equipment can get the job done without the proper training. MOPAR body shop workers are specifically trained to help Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram vehicles get back on the road.

Whether in Garden City or throughout southeast Michigan, you can count on Suburban Collision Centers to provide the body repairs you're looking for. Schedule your appointment today.

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